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Summer Session Fees

Summer 2020

 In response to COVID-19, we are implementing significant tuition changes to help our students and their families with the financial investment in summer courses. It is more important than ever this summer to keep you moving forward with your degree at Catawba College.  
One initiative that we have undertaken to respond to this disruption is to increase summer school offerings, decrease tuition, and offer incoming students a free course.
$200 per credit hour for Credit Recovery
To provide students who earned a D, F, or W in a course the opportunity to improve their grade, stay on track to graduation, and boost their GPA, we have increased the number of summer online general education courses, and secured a grant to significantly reduce the tuition for repeated courses. At Catawba College, you are able to repeat courses up to two times and the highest grade achieved for the same course is the only grade used for calculating the Grade Point Average (GPA). Courses in which a “D” or “F” was earned at Catawba College cannot be repeated elsewhere for credit at Catawba. Students will receive a $149 per credit hour grant when repeating courses for credit recovery, for a net cost of only $200 per credit hour.
 $349 per credit hour for all Returning Students
 All returning students are seeing a discount on our summer tuition from $370 per credit hour to $349. Any non-repeated course will be available at $349 per credit hour.
A Free Class for Incoming Day Students
 New freshman day students and new transfer day students who deposited prior to April 19th have the option of taking one free class in Summer 2020. All other classes will be $349 per credit hour. This is an excellent way for new students to get ahead on their academic work prior to arriving to campus. Please contact your Admissions Counselor for more details.

Refund Policy
During shorter academic terms like summer sessions, winter term or other abbreviated intensive study periods, NO REFUND WILL BE MADE AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF SESSION'S CLASSES.


If you have questions about summer billing or fees, please contact Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Catawba College Business Office staff members are working remotely, but are happy to assist you!