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Refund Policy


Evening Undergraduate Program

Once you complete registration for the spring semester, you are registered and charged for each class in which you are enrolled.  Even if you do not start or attend the class, you remain registered until you withdraw.  Your enrollment includes all blocks for which you registered.  If you decide to stop attending, you will still be charged for all remaining blocks unless you officially withdraw from those classes. 

To withdraw from a course in which you are registered, log into CatLink, click on “Academics,” and then on “Dropping / Adding Courses.”  The SEGS advisors cannot do this for you.  Always check with the Financial Aid Office to see if dropping a course (without adding a replacement) will affect your aid.   (If your withdrawal will leave you with “0” credit hours for the semester, you cannot process a withdrawal online.  Contact the SEGS office for the required form.) 

If you have a hold code that prevents you from dropping or adding a course, call the Business Office (704.637.4388) immediately.  The hold code can be temporarily removed to allow you to change your schedule.




Withdraw for 100% refund by 11:59pm

Withdraw for 75% refund by 11:59pm


Block 1

1/16/20 1/21/20 1/21/20

Block 2

2/13/20 2/17/20 2/17/20

Block 3

3/12/20 3/16/20 3/16/20

Block 4

4/9/20 4/13/20 4/13/20

Block 5 (Tuesday)

1/14/20 1/28/20 1/28/20

Block 6 (Online)

1/14/20 1/28/20 1/28/20

Block 7 

1/16/20 1/23/20 1/23/20

Block 8

3/12/20 3/19/20 3/19/20


A student may receive a “W” grade for a course after the refund date if the drop is completed by the date indicated on the 2019-2020 Block Schedule; however, no refunds will be given after the dates indicated above.