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"Taste of Catawba" Sessions

What is Normal?
Sample a few of the approaches psychologists use to identify “normal” and “abnormal' behavior and mental processes.  Learn how Neuroscience and Developmental Psychology explain many of the irrational behaviors of adolescents, and the impact of neglect, alcohol and drug abuse on mental activity.  Try your hand at experiencing the first steps clinicians take to determine if a person has a psychological disorder. 

This Will Only Take a Minute: Writing Flash Fiction 
This session will provide a short introduction to the briefest of prose forms: flash fiction (also known as fast fiction, micro fiction, or short-short stories). Usually limited to 500-words, these short forms—a real creative challenge—are increasingly popular. During our session, we'll read and discuss examples of the form as well as compose our own flash fiction.

The Islamic State and the U.S. Response
On September 10th, President Obama outlined his Administration's plans “to start going on some offense” against the Islamic State, which announced its formation in late June and has since been accused of a series of atrocities. In this session, I will introduce the major elements of the President's response to the Islamic State and summarize relevant material from selected International Relations research. Using this information as a starting point, we will critique the President's policy, assessing the likelihood that proposed actions will result in what our group defines as a successful outcome.   

A Journey Through Science
Join Catawba College students and faculty in exploring fun science! You will be able to attend the following interactive sessions and will be guided by current Catawba students:

  • Mosquitoes, Microscopes and Molecular Work: Species Diversity in the Catawba Preserve
  • Reflections on Chemistry:  Chemistry in a bottle

Sustainable Catawba:  Dabble or deep commitment; what is your flavor?
Whether you plan to major in one of the college's four environmental degree programs or just have a desire to be involved in environmental stewardship projects on campus, here is your opportunity to learn about all the great things going on in environmental sustainability on campus.

The Ketner School of Business Difference: Experiential Learning
All Business School majors at Catawba are required to complete a minimum of 3 hours (120 hours of work) in Experiential Learning. This includes internships, mock interviews, etiquette and more. Students complete internships in profit and not-for-profit companies and also spend class time learning those all-important “soft skills” like networking, interviewing, developing a power resume, business ethics, etc. In this session you will hear how this course helps students gain those valuable “real world” skills as they get ready for life after college.

Assessing Sports Injuries in the NFL (From the Couch)
Come learn how to assess sports injuries that occur commonly in the NFL, from your couch!  You will learn the basic mechanisms of a few common injuries, then watch some videos, and try your luck at guessing the injury and severity.  For those of us interested in sports medicine, it gives a whole new and exciting dynamic to watching sports.   

Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? Teaching Through Collaboration

Using personal connections, we will create collaborative learning groups. These groups will engage in productive struggle to solve everyday problems. Our Catawba faculty takes the time to teach these skills so that our graduates are able to leave Catawba with the ability to make an impact in their future classrooms.

Creativity Across the Campus
At Catawba, students and faculty find themselves being creative both in the classroom and outside of it.  Creativity happens in a chemistry lab as well as in a theatre or a music hall--on an international trip as well as on campus.  Join us as we share a range of artistic endeavors:  poems from an honors trip to Jamaica, a trumpet solo, a student-choreographed dance, two original five-minute plays, jewelry created in a chemistry class, and a song based on a Shakespearean text.

Experience the Difference: Catawba's First Year Experience
In this session, you'll discover how Catawba faculty, students, and staff provide a coordinated set of programs, classes, and experiences designed to help students get the most from the all-important first year. Learn about our first year seminars, faculty academic advising, student support, and orientation to college life and Catawba College. Most importantly, you'll hear students discuss the highlights and important aspects of their own Catawba First Year Experience.