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Admissions Requirements

Day Transfer Admission Requirements

Students applying for admission to Catawba College as degree-seeking students from other accredited colleges and universities are admitted as Transfer Students. Transfer students should follow the general procedures outlined above in the section “How to Apply" page under the transfer student section.

Transfer students are strongly encouraged to send their official college transcript(s), official final high school transcript and application to Catawba College by August 1 for the fall semester and no later than two weeks prior to the spring semester. Individuals with 25 credits or less of transfer work are encouraged to submit SAT or ACT scores. Official college transcripts must be mailed directly from the Office of the Registrar from all previously attended institutions; and prospective applicants should request the transcripts be sent to Catawba immediately upon their decision to apply.

Candidates will be notified of their application status within three weeks after Catawba receives the completed application file, including all college transcripts and any other requested information.

To be admitted, transfer students must either have earned at least 24 hours of transferable credit, an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree:

    1. Students must be academically and socially eligible to return to the school they are currently attending or in which they were previously enrolled; and must have attained a cumulative college GPA of 2.0 or higher.

    2. Students who are attending or have attended an accredited community or junior college may transfer up to 60 semester hours of credit to Catawba College.  Graduates of North Carolina Community College degree programs covered under the 1997 Comprehensive Articulation Agreement may receive up to 64 semester hours transfer credit. Students who have attended or are currently attending an accredited four-year institution may transfer up to 90 semester hours of credit to Catawba College, as determined by Catawba’s Registrar.

    3. Students with less than 24 hours of college level course work will be evaluated for admission based on their academic performance in high school as well as in college level course work.  The SAT or ACT test scores of students having graduated high school within the last 12 months may also be taken into consideration. Students with 25 or more credits of college credit will be evaluated based on their transfer work only.

    4. Official Catawba College transcripts will show course titles, grades, and credit hours earned (but not quality points) on transfer and transient courses for which Catawba has comparable courses and in which the student has earned a “C-” or better. The Catawba College Registrar, in consultation with appropriate department representatives as necessary, will determine whether such courses are comparable to Catawba offerings and therefore acceptable for transfer credit. Catawba College will calculate grade point averages for graduation, honors, class rank, junior marshals, etc. on Catawba work only. In checking graduation requirements in general education, the Catawba College Registrar will evaluate transfer and transient work and count comparable courses as satisfying Catawba’s general education requirements.

    5. Students entering the traditional college program with fewer than 18 semester hours will have their records reviewed on an individual basis to determine appropriate placement in the First Year Seminar course. All students must satisfy the core requirements and other graduation requirements set forth in the Catawba College Catalog.