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The Admissions Team

steffaniejimenez.jpgSteffanie West
Interim Senior Director of Admissions/Director of CRM Management 

  • Interim Senior Director of Admissions 
  • Director of CRM Management

Meet Steffanie

allison-kee.jpgAllison Kee
Assistant Director for Admissions

  • Assistant Director for Admissions and Counselor for students in Students from Counties in North Carolina (view list
Meet Allison

alyiaparsons.jpgAlycia Parsons
Assistant Director of Admissions for Transfer and Non-Traditional Populations

  • Assistant Director of Admissions and Counselor for all Transfers, Re-entering, Post Baccalaureate, Audits, Joint Enrollment, and Transient Students.
  • Graduate Admissions 
  • Veterans Counselor

Meet Alycia

asiarobinson.jpgAsia Robinson
Assistant Director of Admissions

Meet Asia


barry-hawkins.jpgBarry Hawkins
Admissions Counselor 

  • Counselor for Students in the Following States: Connecticut, California, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Alaska, Arizona, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Kansas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Arkansas, and Tennessee
  • Counselor for Students from Counties in North Carolina (view list)
Meet Barry

victorialayton.jpgVictoria Layton Shapiro '18
Admissions Counselor / Alumni Liaison

  • Counselor for Students from Counties in North Carolina (view list
  • Alumni Liaison

Meet Victoria

caitieconnor.jpgCaitie Connor
Admissions Counselor, Shuford School of Performing Arts
Text Me: (704) 251-6034

  • Students interesting in majoring in the Music or Theatre programs.

Meet Caitie

kristenmcnabb.jpgKristen McNabb 
Admissions Counselor

  • Admissions Counselor
  • Counselor for Homeschooled Students
  • Counselor for Students from Counties in North Carolina (view list)

Meet Kristen

bonnyking.jpgBonny King
Welcome Center Coordinator

  • Coordinator of the Admissions Welcome Center
  • Campus Visits: Coordinates and executes individual and group prospective student campus visits.

Meet Bonny

maddyliefert.jpgMadalyn Blaney '18
Assistant Director of Admissions - Events & Marketing

  • Events: Plans all Admissions events
  • Marketing: Orchestrates marketing strategies with Admissions partners. 

Meet Maddie

hollybautista.jpgHolly Bautista
Coordinator of Prospective Student Data
Phone: (704)637-4693
  • Student Applications: Ensures that student application files are updated quickly and efficiently.

Meet Holly

joylowe.jpgJoy Lowe '05
Coordinator of Student Communications 

  • Student Communications Coordinator

Meet Joy