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Welcome from Admissions

Welcome to Our Catawba.

Welcome to Catawba College! I hope that by reviewing our webpages, you have gotten a sense of what makes Catawba College unique  — because we're here to help you achieve your aspirations.

What exactly does that mean? At Catawba, we believe that we are not just recruiting students, but rather successful and loyal graduates: individuals who seek to "reach their highest potential while becoming responsible citizens with a zeal to enrich human life."

How do we do that? As a member of the community at Catawba, I and my colleagues believe in the purpose behind a liberal arts education that helps prepare students to fulfill their promise. For many folks, a liberal arts education means different things, but there are some common ideas that all liberal arts institutions seek to impart in their graduates:

  • A foundation of broad knowledge through the study of the humanities, the sciences, the arts, the social sciences, and health, along with acquiring advanced knowledge in one or more disciplines;
  • The ability to think effectively and critically;
  • The ability to communicate effectively, whether through written or oral presentation;
  • The ability to think quantitatively, by applying mathematical approaches to real world experiences and practical problems;
  • Possessing a global and multicultural perspective on human life; and,
  • The ability to locate and process information.

In today's competitive global environment, many students believe that a simple college degree will secure their future. But more and more, today's employers are seeking graduates who are effective communicators and who demonstrate honesty and integrity, among many other traits.

In addition, many college graduates will not retire from their first job after receiving their degree. Today, many working professionals may have up to five, or more, career opportunities throughout their professional lives.

So what does this mean for college graduates? Twenty-first century college students need to consider themselves learners throughout their entire lifetime, and should lay a solid foundation for building new and different career opportunities during their collegiate careers. This is what liberal arts institutions, and in particular Catawba College, is designed to fulfill. We hope that as you review our purpose for being a liberal arts institution, you will see your promise being fulfilled here at Catawba.


The Catawba College Admissions Staff