1. ALL student-athletes MUST BRING a photocopy of your personal insurance card (front and back) with you and give that to the athletic training staff.

  2. ALL medical forms must be completed in BLACK INK ONLY!

  3. FRESHMEN must bring an updated copy of your immunization records as this is required by North Carolina State Law.

  4. You MUST HAVE a physical examination performed by a physician prior to any athletic participation. * Freshmen/Transfer Students * are to use the Catawba College Physical Form sent from the Admissions Office. If you have not received one, call and request one at (704) 637-4402. A photocopy of this form along with a photocopy of your immunization record should be sent to the address noted below and the originals sent to the Student Health Center.

  5. Please make COPIES of all your completed forms in case the originals get lost in the mail.

  6. Medical forms CANNOT be accepted by e-mail or fax!

  7. Please note the NCAA Sickle Cell Testing requirement and the Concussion Education information!

  8. Mail the completed athletic medical forms to the address below – DO NOT include them with other campus required mailings (such as with financial aid forms, housing forms etc).

  9. ALL student athletes must read the Catawba College Athletic Department DRUG & BANNED SUBSTANCE AWARENESS, EDUCATION, and SCREENING POLICY.

  10. ALL parents/guardians and student athletes should read the information pertaining to Athletic Health Insurance Coverage. (this will be available on the website around July 1, 2016)

  11. If you have any questions or concerns please contact (704) 637-4350.