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Staff Council.

Representing the staff of Catawba College.

Statement of Purpose 

On behalf of the staff, this committee will examine issues and policies regarding personnel, including staff benefits, welfare, and professional development programs. This committee is responsible for making recommendations regarding: 

  1. the recruitment and orientation of new staff
  2. staff benefits and welfare
  3. staff development programs
  4. coordination and promotion of interdepartmental working relationships across the campus
  5. coordination and fostering better working relationships within the College community, including students, faculty, and administration


Questions & Concerns

Submit questions and concerns anonymously to Staff Council to address on your behalf:

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About the Staff Council


In October of 2002, a new committee was formed to represent the staff here at Catawba just as the Faculty Senate represents their ranks. Council members chose various staff in their areas to represent their department or building.

Some issues we have discussed since the conception of this committee are: inclement weather policy, sick pay policies, life insurance levels, length of service awards, grievance procedures, terms of membership on the committee, and how the new strategic plan will affect staff members. Please keep in mind that the Staff Committee does not have the authority to make these changes, just to make sure that our voices are heard. Our proposals are then presented to the proper channels.

If you have an issue you would like to bring before the committee, please contact the committee Chair to be added to the agenda. We invite you to visit this site often in order to keep informed of projects the committee is working on and their progress.


HR/Bus Off/Registrar

Meredith Cole


Pres Off/PR/Dev/Lilly Cntr

Johnathon Boles, Chair


Pres Off/PR/Dev/Lilly Cntr



Facilities/Environ Services

Jennifer Thomas


Admissions/Financial Aid

Keyona Preshia


Admissions/Financial Aid

Kimberly Weemhoff, Past Chair  


Phys Educ & Rec/Athletics

Nick Brown


Phys Educ & Rec/Athletics

Jean Hall


Phys Educ & Rec/Athletics

Craig Turnbull


Student Affairs/Public Safety   

Ralph Michael


Student Affairs/Public Safety 

Marcus Washington  


Provost Off/Academic Staff/ 

Janet Waggoner, Secretary





Provost Off/Academic Staff/



Information Technology




Staff Council Minutes

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Each Staff Council member serves on two committees each year. 

Policy Committee: Comprised of 5 members of Staff Council. Tasked with reviewing and providing input and recommendations regarding changes to policies that are set forth by the HR Director.

Social Committee: composed of 2-3 members, with the intention of creating engagement opportunities with employees around campus. 

Fundraising Committee: Composed of 2-3 members responsible for creating fundraiser opportunities on campus. 

Drives Committee: Composed of three members responsible for running drives throughout the school year with organizations to raise awareness and support.

Awards Committee
: The Awards Committee is composed of a minimum of three representatives, one from each of three separate Staff Groups, and reports to the full STAFF. 

Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee is composed of representatives from a minimum of half of the Staff Groups; i.e. in the event of ten workgroups, a minimum of five representatives, each from a different Staff Group, shall serve on the nominating committee. In the event of an uneven number of Staff Groups, representation shall be from a simple majority of the number of workgroups. 

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is composed only of Staff Council members who have been elected as officers.



  • At least one year of continuous full-time employment with Catawba College


  • Nominations for council membership are made by the Nominating Committee
  • Council members are elected by the Staff Group which they represent

 Term of Service:

  • Members serve a three year term
  • Consecutive terms are not allowed; however, additional non- consecutive terms are allowed

Staff Council By-Laws

What We Do

  • Make recommendation upon matters relating to staff
  • Provide a forum for staff to bring forth concerns
  • Emphasize cross-campus collaboration
  • Provide staff development opportunities
  • Organize donation drives
  • Plan and organize social activities
  • Provide service opportunities
  • Facilitate staff award process

Staff Council inspires staff members to transform their sense of what is possible and equip them for fulfilling work in a place where they belong.