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Information for Graduates

Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Please remember this is a happy and dignified occasion. The following instructions should answer some questions you may have.

General Notes for Investiture, Baccalaureate and Commencement         

  1. Please wear your Robe, Cap, Tassel and Hood (you will get your hood at Investiture)

  2. Take your gown out the bag, if you haven't already to let the wrinkles fall. (Don't iron plastic gowns)

  3. Wear only approved honor society cords or Marshal Medals.

  4. Your Mortarboard should be straight and level, not tilted back.

  5. Gentlemen must be able to remove their mortarboards. (Follow the example of the platform party.)

  6. Ladies do not need to remove their mortarboards.

  7. Remove the number from your tassel (if there is one)

  8. All Undergraduates: Your tassel goes over your right eye until your degree is conferred.

  9. Masters Candidates only: You will wear your tassel over you left eye from the beginning.

  10. Men: dark trousers, white or light shirt, dark tie, black (dark) shoes

  11. Women: white or light dress or white blouse/Dark skirt, black (dark) shoes

  12. No-collar or a low-collar works best with the hoods.

  13. Please wear comfortable dark colored dress shoes.

  14. Please do not wear sunglasses.

  15. Please do not wear unapproved pins, ribbons, cords, and jewelry on your gown or cap.

  16. Please do not write anything on your robe, hood or mortarboard.

  17. Please do not wear unapproved headgear.

Arrival Times 
Don't Be Late! If you are late for lineup you may not be able to march.

All seniors arrive before 5:15pm in front of the library.

Graduation Rehearsal:

Day Seniors arrive before 9:15am.
- SEGS Seniors arrive before 11:45am.

All seniors arrive before 7:00pm in front of the library.

Day Seniors arrive before 9:30am.
- SEGS Seniors arrive before 1:30pm

Lineup Instructions for Investiture 
You may line up in any order by degree for Investiture. At Investiture Junior Marshals will guide you to seats on the right side of the chapel. The Provost will explain the symbolism of the academic regalia. You will then be formally hooded.

Commencement Rehearsal 
If you did not receive your hood at investiture please get one from the Junior Marshals.

You should wear comfortable clothes for the Commencement Rehearsal. When you arrive please sit in the orchestra left seats. When your name is called come forward, check your name pronunciation with the Provost then take your seat. Remember your seat number and the names of the people beside you. We will then step through the commencement ceremony. This is also the time to straighten out any problems with hoods, gowns, etc.

Lineup Instructions for Baccalaureate and the Marshal's Walk         

You may line up in any order for Baccalaureate (class officers in front).  In the Baccalaureate processional you will follow your Junior Marshal guide, you will march into the chapel two by two and sit at the front of the chapel on the right. After Baccalaureate do not join the recessional, remain in place until the Junior Marshals line you up for the Marshal's Walk.

Immediately following the service, graduates will hold candles and process down along Oliver's Way to gather in front of the College-Community Center. The reception following the Marshal's Walk will be held in Peeler Crystal Lounge. In the event of rain, Marshal's Walk will be canceled and we ask you go directly to the reception in Crystal Lounge.


Lineup Instructions for Graduation        
The Graduation procession will line up outside of the Omwake-Dearborn Chapel.

Prior to the Day graduation procession you will line up by degree; Masters first followed by BA, BFA and BS.  You will be put in alphabetical order under each degree.

Prior to the SEGS graduation procession Mrs. Dunn will line you up in alphabetical order.

As in the Baccalaureate processional you will follow your Junior Marshal guide to your seat. You will sit in your assigned seat number.


What to Do During Graduation        
Watch the platform party. Sit when they sit, stand when they stand.

When your degree is conferred the Provost will say "Will the candidates for __________ degree, please rise." Only the candidates for that degree will stand. The President will then confer the degree ending with " ... a diploma, properly signed and sealed with the seal of Catawba College." The Provost will then say "Will the Junior Marshals please escort the candidates to the stage." The Junior Marshals will guide the first row of the degree being presented to the right side of the stage. Those not on the first row will sit as soon as the first row begins to move.

When you get to the steps stand on the top step. It will have an X on it. When the Provost calls your name advance immediately. If the Provost calls a name that is not your name do not step on the stage. This is the Provost's cue to say "in absentia."  If you fake us out here you will get somebody else's diploma.

When there are six (6) candidates waiting at the bottom of the steps the Junior Marshals will have the next row of that degree rise and move to the right side of the stage.

When the Provost calls your name you will cross the stage to the President, take your diploma with your left hand and shake the President's hand with your right hand. You will then cross the stage to the Chair of the Board of Trustees and shake hands. Then exit the platform and return to your seat. Sit as soon as you return to your seat. This sequence will be repeated for each degree.

Prior to his charge to the graduates, the President will have you move your tassel from the right to the left side of your cap.

Empty Folder 

If you have an empty diploma folder you need to see the business office or the registrar.

Final Thoughts

Graduation is a happy and joyous occasion for you and your guests. The announcement of names during graduation is a special moment for many families. If you or your guests yell, clap, use horns or noise makers you may keep the next family from hearing the name of their special graduate. Please be considerate of others and encourage your guests to do the same. It is tradition at graduations for everyone to refrain from applause until all recipients of a degree receive their diploma.

Our goal is to make your graduation a dignified, exciting and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.