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"Woyzeck" Theatre Production

March 30-April 2 (7:30pm)

Florence Busby Corriher Theatre

Category: Theatre Productions


by Georg Büchner; Directed by student director, Morgan Summers

In this unconventional 19th century thriller, Georg Büchner explores the social and psychological effects of exploitation and oppression on the human psyche.

Based on the real-life criminal case of Franz Joseph Woyzeck, the play's series of episodic snapshots interrogates the limits of science and logic in addressing the world' social ills. Leading its audience subjectively through the perspective of it title character—military man, barber, lover, and human science experiment—this Expressionist masterpiece is an astonishingly original work that many historians now recognize as the herald of Modern dramatic form.

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exp-form.jpgAbout this Season: Experiments in FORM This season, the Catawba Theatre Arts program presents six performances with the thematic goal of looking at the conversation that happens in the creative act between the form of a work of art and its content (its story, message, or meaning). Each of the pieces presented this season represents a shift in perspective on theatrical form — a “new shape” for their time—crafted by the playwrights and choreographers to more effectively contain the political, philosophical, and aesthetic essence of each work’s historical and cultural moment. The directors this season (four faculty, two students and one guest) will examine questions like: How does the structure of a piece connect to its story? How is the form of a piece reflective of the culture that invented it? How do we, as artists, interrogate a historical form to make its content relevant to contemporary audiences? How does content determine form and how does form determine content?

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