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Catawba College’s Black Student Union (BSU)

February 15, 2019

Category: Student Blogs

Hey everyone and welcome to this special edition Blog post recognizing and appreciating Black History Month! This is the perfect time of year to reflect on the many contributions of Black Americans to our country on many varied fronts. Sit back and watch black excellence rise. Let me just ask…

My Ethics Bowl 2019 Experience

February 12, 2019

Category: Student Blogs

“And the winner of the 2019 NCICU Ethics Bowl is… Catawba College.” Ethics Bowl is a yearly competition in which multiple college teams debate current ethical dilemmas. This is done through multiple rounds over a two-day period. Teams are presented with case studies that have specific ethical…

Just like on MTV: “Welcome to My Crib”

February 8, 2019

Category: Student Blogs

Hey guys, and welcome to this wonderful tale of resident life in the Stanback dorm. I know you all have been waiting in suspense for this one! As always, I hope you’ve had a great week. Let’s say mine just keeps getting better and better. Before I begin, let me enlighten you on what we call,…


February 1, 2019

Category: Student Blogs

Hey guys and welcome back to my Blog!  Last post. I left off by teasing you with a tasty, sneak peek on what this week’s post was going to be about, so let me just dive right in!I hope you’ve had an awesome week so far. I can’t really complain about mine; I’m out here living my best life as I…

Guess Who?

January 25, 2019

Category: Student Blogs

Hey guys, I am Nicole Hunt and welcome to my first ever Blog/Vlog! This semester, I have an awesome opportunity to intern with the Public Relations Department here at Catawba College. During the next couple of months, I will be doing weekly student-perspectives posts on life at Catawba. These will…

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