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Fast-Paced Freshman

Posted by Leanna Hicks '16

September 5, 2012


Passionate is a word I use often. I like to believe that people can see the passion in me and the minute I stepped onto Catawba's campus I knew that this school would be the same way, passionate! My name Leanna Hicks and I am a freshman at the beautiful Catawba College where I will be majoring in Theatre Performance and I couldn't be happier! I know what you're all thinking, "she's so talking this up, there's no way the school is this great" ... BUT IT IS!

  After graduating in 2011, I decided it was best to take a gap year, and by decided I mean had no other option because my first choice college was a little expensive. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty scary not knowing what I would be doing for the next year, but I just had to go with the flow (which, if you knew me, that's not my style of doing things). A year was passing by pretty quickly and then came time for... (cue scary music) applying for colleges again! Being a theatre major, of course I have to make things more dramatic. Applying to colleges was a lot easier the second time around, I knew what I was looking for in schools this time.  "North Carolina! Go to a North Carolina school, there's so much opportunity there!" so I thought I'd shop around in that area. I clicked on a couple, one of them being Catawba College and checked out their website.

  Okay, you may think "you have got to be kidding me" after you read this, but it's the truth. I immediately went to the list of majors and what I was looking for was that they spelled 'Theatre' correctly. Instead of 'theater' like the building, they spelled it 'theatre' the art. I knew the minute I saw that that they took it seriously in their theatre department, and they proved me right! The first week of school I had an audition, yes I know that's pretty fast pace, but after not doing a show for a year I was very eager to audition for anything! The audition was for the First Year Showcase Charlotte's Web which is a show that only the freshmen audition for. Of course after the audition, there's the dreaded waiting to see what you were cast as. The day finally came and I saw that I will be playing Charlotte... (double take) WHAT?! I couldn't believe it, I was ecstatic not only to be in the show but to be cast as Charlotte. After hyperventilating for a few minutes I   looked at who else was in the cast and I was so excited to work with all of them!

  I have made so many friends at this school, inside and outside of the theatre department! The teachers know you by name, there's always something going on but mostly the thing that I have discovered I like most about this school is that I have already built a family. I know, cue the water works go ahead and get a tissue if needed, but it's true! I am in LOVE with this school and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me here! Don't worry, I'll keep ya posted!

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