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The Finale (On Assignment in Indonesia)

Posted by Lauren Ebersole '07

June 1, 2012

Category: Alumni Blogs

indonesia.jpgI came to Indonesia 27 months ago as one of 20. I'm leaving Indonesia as a party of one. I'm sitting in the airport waiting for   thinking about where I've come over the past two years. I'm sure that I've changed, but not exactly sure how. Right now it is still too much to process. A certain bow-tied former professor of mine would be asking, " What did you learn?" That too will take much more reflection than I can give at this particular moment. 

Right now I am physically and emotionally drained. The past two weeks have been the most emotionally taxing weeks of my life. The goodbyes have been non-stop, starting with a farewell from my village. Next up was the farewell party with the teachers and staff from my school. I had been counting down days for quite some time, but it was in that moment (11 days indonesia3.jpgago) that it really hit me I was leaving. After that followed a farewell with students, which involved me receiving a boat (yes a boat) in a glass case. I shook the hand of every student and gave hugs to the ones in tears. Then I had a final afternoon with my English Club students at a waterpark. Just this past Tuesday I attended graduation and finally left my school and village behind. There were tears of course, but mostly so many great memories. I have tons of letters from students to read on the long journey home.

I hope that I will see all of you soon and perhaps I can better explain the past two years of my life. For now I will say thank you for reading my emails and giving me so much support. I am truly excited to be coming home.

Much love,


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