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Happy 20th Birthday!

Posted by Leanna Hicks '16

October 5, 2012

Category: Student Blogs

"So how old are you, 18 or 19?"


"Oh ... you're old!"

Yes, I am and I still can't believe it! After I decided to come to Catawba, I was excited but also a little concerned because even without taking a gap year I still would have been older but now I'm almost a full two years older. I was worried that I wouldn't make friends as easy as I usually do because of the age difference, but I was wrong!

This past Monday I celebrated my 20th birthday and it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had! My mom and sister came down for Family Weekend and that alone was an incredible present, but then once they left I was kind of sad. I started to think "well that's probably going to be it for my birthday" WRONG! My best friends, Morgan Summers and Hannah Lee, ran into my room with the prettiest wrapped presents ever! Inside the presents contained every college student's dream: popcorn, Oreos, movies and a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper ... BOO YAH!

candles.jpgBut the thing that made my birthday even more amazing was the surprise I got at Charlotte's     Web rehearsal on my actual birthday. I didn't expect a whole lot of excitement on my since most of these people I had only met about a month ago, but that didn't stop them. Morgan came and asked me to help one of the directors bring some boxes upstairs from their car when, wouldn't you know it, Morgan forgot the keys ... how forgetful of her, right? We go upstairs and the lights are off in the room we're rehearsing in and there are two-dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, one of them with twenty lit candles on it.

I know what you're thinking ... how did they fit twenty candles on a donut? I have no idea, they're magic, but the point of this lovely fairy-tale birthday is that I have been blessed with some amazing new friends here at Catawba.

Now some people may be reading this going, "Really? Someone got you donuts, put twenty candles on one and it was one of the best birthdays you've had?" Yes it was! I've always believed that the little things that people take time to plan out are the most special kinds of gifts     and surprises anyone can give. I would take that kind of birthday over getting every gift on my list any day. My Catawba family keeps surprising me every day by showing me how much they care and I can't wait to see what happens next but don't worry I'll keep you posted!

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