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I Can't ... I Have Rehearsal

Posted by Leanna Hicks '16

September 21, 2012

Category: Student Blogs

"Hey Leanna, want to have a movie night and just hang out?"

"Oh no sorry I can't, I have rehearsal."

charweb.jpgOh how I have missed saying those words! The fact that saying this means that I basically have no life outside of the show, but I absolutely love it! This week was the first week of rehearsals for Charlotte's Web which means scarfing down your dinner because you know by the time rehearsal's done, all you have to look forward to in your room is the never-ending supply of Easy Mac and Ramen Noodles since it's too late to get dinner anywhere else ... how could you not love this life? I promise I'm not a crazy person! My mother, being an actress as well, would always kid around by saying "Ok girls, here's dollar menu McDonald's, how was your day, do your homework ok gotta go to rehearsal, love you!" Now don't sit here reading this thinking my mother is neglecting us and didn't care because she did, it was just rushed because she had rehearsal, the life     an actor lives!

We embrace the life because not only do we get to go and do what we love but we also build strong relationships that will last a lifetime! ... yes, I know how cheesy that last part sounded but I had to say it because it's true! You see your fellow cast members walking around campus and immediately inside jokes from last nights' rehearsals ensue and people around you are saying "what the heck? ... oh, it's theatre people!" You bet it is! Now I'm not saying everyone who isn't a theatre person is boring and has a life so that immediately means they aren't as cool as us, I'm just expressing how much I love being back in the swing of things and with people who share my love of scarfing down food, doing homework until the wee hours of the morning and most importantly sleep deprivation.   Again, yes I have willingly chosen this kind of life to be my profession and I'm perfectly sane ... for now, but don't worry I'll keep you posted!

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