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Incredible Passion And Where To Find It

Posted by Krissey Browder '20

September 1, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

passion.jpgPassion does not always come at a perfectly timed age when one expects a life choice to emerge.

As I unwind from my freshman retreat at Catawba College, I find myself contemplating a common theme for many upcoming college freshmen as the summer draws to a close—my future. Luckily, my perspective on this trying topic is a little different than those who are scrambling to find a path to follow. My path is clear. Well, a little overgrown with some "do not enter signs" and haunted tales of those before me, but clear to me nonetheless! For all the people who have yet to discover their true passion, I hope the story of how I found mine and why I chose to make it a lifestyle and career will help to uncover yours.

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Krissey Browder is a Theatre Arts major and member of the Class of 2020.


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