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Internship in Cambodia (Week 2)

Posted by Shannon Morton '17

January 3, 2017

Category: Student Blogs

Hello all,

1.jpgThis week I spent no time in the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh and enjoyed the calm, relaxing beach instead. MKK had an employee retreat to Sihanoukville and I was invited along. I was able to work closely with Diane Berthel, which I note because in addition to being a great person with lots of insight she is google-able: she co-founded and ran Berthel Schutter until it's recent sale and now that she is retired she travels around the world volunteering and serving on advisory boards. I also presented the proposed business plan for the next three years that the previous volunteer had worked extensively on, which led to discussion about the direction of the company. Unfortunately, the majority of the meetings were in Khmer besides a few powerpoints in English, so I was rather lost with only sparse translations.2.jpg

The last day concluded with an employee dinner on the beach. Then, not wanting the fun to end, a few of us went out to the KTV (I would guess it stands for Karaoke TV). There are rooms set up with a TV screen that shows the music video and words and everyone sits on the couch passing around the microphone and singing. Apparently this is a really popular thing to do. They mostly picked Khmer love songs, with the exception of my Hank Williams Jr. and dancing songs by the end. 

A video of me dancing with Cambodians may soon go viral because it was so funny.




Catawba senior Shannon Morton of Millington, Md. is a double major in Economics & Finance and Accounting.  An honors student, she is working on a thesis on microfinance and economic development with Dr. Eric Hake, professor of economics and chair of the Department of Business, serving as the chair for her thesis committee, along with Drs. Norris Feeney (professor of politics) and Buster Smith (professor of sociology). In the summer, Shannon mentioned to Dr. Hake that she wanted to pursue international travel associated with her honors thesis in order to do research.  She researched, found, and applied for a program entitled UBELONG on her own.  The Ketner School of Business and Honors program provided her with some financial support and her international experience in Cambodia began on December 4 and will continue through January 14.

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