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New Challenges? Mission Accepted!

Posted by Leanna Hicks '16

February 12, 2013

Category: Student Blogs

hicks.jpg*The phone rings* Leanna answers the phone anxiously. "Hello?" The Boss calls with a new mission for her. "Leanna, it's The Boss ... I have a new mission for you. If you decide to accept, this mission requires you to go into a completely different world that you've never seen before ... do you accept?" There's a pause at the other end, but Leanna takes a deep breath and answers this very important question. "I accept."

Come on people I had to make it dramatic and who doesn't love a good mission to start a conversation, TV show, movie or blog post? Plus, the past few blog posts haven't been as fun and up beat so I thought I'd bring back the cheesy humor and dramatic action that you all know and love. Coming back to a brand new semester, I felt a need for a change, not a drastic one but a change all the same. My last semester was filled with so many challenges, both good and bad, but at the end of the semester I could successfully say I made it! I completed my first of many missions, and that's good right?

So I   decided coming into the New Year that I would just do some rearranging if you will, maybe a new look and a new positive attitude on the side. I come back having a good idea of what my new semester would include and I was pumped and ready to go! One of them being in a position that is quite new to me in the theatre and that is the position of Assistant Stage Manager. Most of my life I have been on the stage whether it be playing Annie or kid #2 in the ensemble and have loved every minute of it, but now I'll be working behind the scenes and I'm going to be honest with you ... I'm kind of excited! It may sound silly but being given this position, it really is like stepping into a whole new world for me.

Now I may not have all the responsibilities that the Stage Manager has but it's still a whole different job all the same that requires me to be focused, determined and ready to work and boy am I ready! In my family, we have always had the attitude of "if you have been given a job, you either commit to   it and do the best you can or just don't do the job at all" and I have tried to live with this rule my whole life with whatever project I may be working on and I plan to do so with this new challenge.

I'm starting to notice Catawba has this theme of making sure you get a little taste of things you may have never even thought of trying. It's a mission in itself, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something brand new! Don't get me wrong, I'm a little nervous since I've never really done anything like this before, but that's what I love about this school and the program I'm involved in. They know some of us have never done certain things before, but there are so many people who will be there to help you and show you the "ropes" ... get it because there are like a ton of ropes in the theater?

Okay never mind ... anyway, having this experience will help me learn new skills and techniques that could possibly get me a job in the future, which means making connections, which means earning money,   which means I won't starve. It's a win, win for everybody! So what should you take away from this kind of random blog post? That life is full of challenges, or "missions," that can be very different and even intimidating at times but you never know, by the end of your "mission" you might just learn something new, and even love what you do, creating a new interest you might think of continuing in the near future. I know, you're thinking "woah Leanna let's not get ahead of ourselves," but calm down I'm not saying go do something right this very second, but just try it!

Now, I have to go to class and receive some more "missions" from my lovely teachers and don't worry I'll keep you posted!

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