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Scavenger Hunts in Wilmington

Posted by 14-15 West Teaching Scholars

November 6, 2014

Category: Student Blogs

Freshmen West Teaching Scholars participated in scavenger hunts during their Teambuilding retreat to Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach during fall break. Details from each hunt are below:

Scavenger Hunt A

This group walked throughout downtown Wilmington and encountered many locally owned businesses that add to the friendly atmosphere of the town.  

blog-cotton.jpgThe Cotton Exchange
The cotton exchange is a shopping center filled with many small family owned businesses and restaurants. At one time the cotton exchanged burned down and they remolded adding an updated and modern feel to the historic downtown nature of Wilmington.  Today, if you walk into the cotton exchange you will discover a wide variety of shops ranging from jewelry, to natural oils, to caricatures.

The Governor Dudley House
If one were to continue down Front Street heading south, you would enter the historic district of downtown Wilmington.  Here there are gorgeous residential homes, one of which belonged to Governor Dudley himself.  It is currently undergoing renovation.  According to the marker in front of his house, Governor Dudley was the first governor of North Carolina to be elected by the people.  Daniel Webster was also entertained at this historic landmark.

blog-duddley1.jpg blog-duddley2.jpg blog-duddley3.jpg

The Riverwalk
Strolling down Grace Street, one dead ends into the Riverwalk.  On the walk, there are many historical landmarkers that inform one about the history of Wilmington.  It was the perfect day for a leisurely stroll alongside the Cape Fear River.  As you walk, there is the possibility to spot the Coast Guard Cutter Diligence, but it was not docked today.  Across the river, the USS North Carolina Battleship floated majestically in the water.  After having walked a complete square of downtown Wilmington, we enjoyed each other’s company as well as the beautiful weather.

blog-riverwalk1.jpg blog-riverwalk2.jpg


Scavenger Hunt B


This group participated in a Scavenger Hunt in downtown Wilmington’s 230+ Block National Register Historic District as part of their West Scholar Fall Retreat. 

USS North Carolina:  located on Eagle Island
- Constructed During WWII
- Template for North Carolina Battleship Class
- Fought in Pacific Theatre
- US Navy
- Decommissioned following WWII
- Returned to Wilmington Port in 1960

Federal Building:  located at Water Street between Market and Princess Streets
- Dedicated in 1976
- Used for New Hanover County's Federal Affairs
- Constructed with Granite exterior

Thalian Hall:  Center for the Performing Arts located at 310 Chestnut Streeet
bloghall.jpg- Built 1855-1858 as a City Hall/Theatre
- Used by Amateur Thailand Association
- ATA organized in 1788

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