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Scholars' Retreat in Wrightsville Beach

Posted by Noyce & West Scholars

November 19, 2015

Category: Student Blogs

IMG_4681.JPGThe Noyce Scholars and the West Scholars went on a joint leadership retreat to Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach over part of fall break. Since both sets of scholars are education majors, the focus was on leadership and how to use leadership qualities to be an effective teacher.  Below, they share their experiences and reflections of the retreat.


Audrey Hoffman

2015 Noyce Scholar Cohort

Favorite Memory:
The highlight of the trip for me was the visit to Laney High School. Every chance I get to step into a teacher's classroom is an opportunity for me to learn new ways to enhance my classroom in the future.

Something Learned:
One thing that I learned on the leadership retreat is that there are many different characteristics that make a great leader and not all great leaders share the same characteristics.

The value of leadership training:
One of the greatest values of leadership training is collaboration. Through collaborating with my peers, we were able to get the most out of the leadership retreat.

Thinking in the future:
One way the leadership retreat has influenced my thinking about the future is that although it is necessary to be a great leader as a teacher, it is also necessary to seek leadership from others not just oneself.


Emilee Isenhour

2015 Noyce Scholar Cohort

Best memory:
Passing each other on the beach was exciting. At first I thought Dr. O was joking about the activity but we began to do it I had a lot of fun. My peers pushed me to the front of the line when I didn't want to be passed but I'm glad they convinced me to do it.

Something you learned:
You can't be a good leader without having a good team.

The value of the leadership training:
It helped my confidence tremendously. I am usually okay taking the lead around people I am comfortable with but not much around people I don't know. This retreat changed that. Now I am okay stepping up at any time.

How this influenced your thinking about the future:
This retreat made me more excited about my future career as a teacher. All my peers in the cohort were so amazing I can only hope the teachers in my school are half as great.

Katherine Zobel

2015 West Scholar Cohortzoebel1.jpg

Best memory: 
While we were strolling along the beach early Saturday morning, we encountered a wonderfully cute and personable cat. We found out that this beautiful creature belonged to a hotel that was near our beach house, and returned her to her home.

Something you learned: 
During this trip, I learned how to share leadership positions with others, according to people's different abilities and strengths.

The value of the leadership training: 
Leadership training, when done with a cooperative group such as ours, allows the trainees to experience different types of leadership. Our leadership training also allowed our group to grow closer together and be more comfortable with each other.

How this influenced your thinking about the future: 
Visiting a high school reinforced my knowledge that there is only one choir teacher per high school, and in light of that I need to be able to take on a variety of positions after college. 


blogs_clip_image002.jpgKristy Williams

2015 Noyce Scholar Cohort

Mitchell-Anderson House is the oldest surviving structure in Wilmington. It was built in 1738 in a Georgian architecture style. The house was once home to Dr. Edwin Anderson, a Confederate doctor and surgeon.

J.W. Brooks building was built in 1899. It was known as Brooks Cash Grocery until 1978. It was renovated in 1998. It is now home to several local businesses such as Poodles Island Wear, The Riverroom, and Hargett Realty & Development.

blogs_clip_image008.jpgBest memory
My best memory is all the team building that we did. It made us all closer and taught us how to become better leaders.

Something you learned
I learned that being a leader is very complex, and anyone can be a leader regardless of qualifications.

The value of the leadership training
Leadership training is essential. How do you become a better leader without the help of others? Throughout the training you are exposed to leaders and their experiences. You learn from each other, and you learn the importance others have in your leadership success. Becoming a leader is not a one man show.

How this influenced your thinking about the future
All the leadership training can be applied to my future career. I now know the importance of participating in leadership training and plan to continue to improve not only my own leadership success, but the leadership success of others, particularly my future students

Stephen Beaver

2015 Noyce Scholar Cohort

Best memory:
The best memory I took from this trip was when we came together and made a twister game out of tape, paper, markers, and a knife. We stayed up and played for hours and became even more comfortable with one another.

Something you learned:
The thing I learned is that even though people have different ways to lead or step up doesn't mean that you cannot both come together and collaborate ideas to make an even greater experience for each induvial and those they lead.

The value of the leadership training:
In order to be a great teacher you must be able to step up and be a great leader. This can only be achieved through practice.

How this influenced your thinking about the future:
There is always more than one way to skin a cat. So don't be so quick to dismiss other's ideas.

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