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Sisters, Sisters There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters…

Posted by Leanna Hicks '16

February 5, 2013

Category: Student Blogs

hicks.jpgYou know that moment when you're trying to think of that  perfect topic to write about and then in a second you strike gold? That  happened to me this morning folks, so here we go! Being here at Catawba, I have  quickly built relationships that I know will last me a lifetime, but the one  relationship in my life that has been constant and I cherish more than anything  is the relationship I have with my sister. (Insert pause so you can grab a  tissue)

Seventeen years ago today, my sister was born and, to this day, that  was the happiest day of my life. Most of my friends all through school were  shocked whenever they saw me willingly hanging out with my sister instead of  people my own age. I'm sure some smarty-tarty doctor somewhere would venture to  say our relationship and how close we are is unhealthy in some ways, but we  decide not listen to that guy! My sister and I have been through a lot  together, good and bad. Through it all, we have stuck together and those  moments made us closer and closer.

While I aspire to be an actress, she wants  to do everything! No seriously, the girl can do it all. She sings like an angel  with some theatre on the side, photographs like a pro, gives Van Gogh a run for  his money when it comes to art, cooks with more zest and zeal than Paula Dean,  makes you laugh harder than any comedian could, and even sisters.jpgthinks about going  into some sort of law or crime investigation field... I know, right she really  can do all of that! Along with all of these gifts, the one that stands out  above all the rest is her compassion and love for other people. While I feel  Mary Poppins and I have that one thing in common being "practically perfect in  every way".... HA... I have my faults, as all people do, and I tend to be a little  more uncompassionate at times. We'll be watching a crime show and the killer in  the show gets killed. While any normal person would be relieved the bad guy got  his "come-upens", my sister feels sorry for the mass murderer because of his  sad back story ... come on, how sweet is that?

All joking aside, there are days  where I truly miss my sister while here at college since I went from spending  most of my time with her all my life and now we're four and a half hours away  from each other, so you can understand how today is a little difficult for me  not to be with her. So with that being said, take my sister's example of living  her life into your own life. Live life to the fullest with kindness, love and  honesty and most importantly compassion. I understand this task can be quite  difficult at times, but it is possible to live like my sister and best friend.

I end this post with a shout out to her on, this day, her birthday. May your  day be filled with as much love as you have given me and many others around  you. Now I must go post happy birthday posts all over Facebook, Twitter and  even Instagram and as always, I'll keep you posted!

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