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So Much to Be Thankful For!

Posted by Leanna Hicks '16

November 27, 2012

Category: Student Blogs

I have never been more tired than I was the week before Thanksgiving break! I was praying, pleading for the break to get here as fast as it possibly could. Along with being EXTREMELY busy working my fingers to the bone to make sure people got their tickets to the amazing show of Legally Blonde by our even more amazing theatre department (I know you guys already know how awesome it is, just a friendly reminder :) ), I also had the opportunity to have a prospective student stay in my dorm and give her a little taste of Catawba. She was able to see the show and absolutely loved it so that was a good sign.

During intermission, I found her in the audience and wanted to properly introduce myself. She then asked me "Okay so tell me about Catawba!" and then I was off! I was planning on giving her small doses of information through the night, but when she asked it all came pouring out of me and I was excited to tell her about my school! When I visited colleges and asked that   same question, I could tell that the students studied the pamphlet about hicks02.jpgtheir school and just told me facts. While yes, I want to know about the school I also wanted to know if they loved their school or were just there just because.

Well I didn't memorize a pamphlet or just spout out what I've heard from other people's experiences, I told her my own experiences. I had so much I wanted to tell her because I have already had so much happen just in one semester! I had a moment while I was talking to her that I stepped back from the conversation in my mind and thought "I'm really talking about my experiences at my college ... this is so surreal!"

I know y'all are thinking "okay step back from that ledge my friend, you're scaring the girl." Well she didn't seem scared so don't rain on my parade. She   left pretty impressed by the school so I think Catawba represented itself well! Going home for Thanksgiving I truly had so much to be thankful for. The fact that a year ago today I was not sure if I was even going to go to college and now I'm here making connections, building new relationships and building my experience and I couldn't be more thankful. I actually missed school over the break ... no it's not the end of the world, don't be so dramatic…I'm just saying being at this school makes me so happy and sure, I love a break as much as the next person but I missed ya Catawba so get over it!

I hope each and every one of you had a blessed Thanksgiving and remembered to give thanks for whatever makes you happy in your life. My first semester of college is almost over which means only one more semester until my freshman year is over ... that's just scary ... and who knows, maybe our prospective student will become a full time student who knows but don't worry I'll keep you posted!

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