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Sometimes You Just Need to Take a Day...

Posted by Leanna Hicks '16

April 4, 2013

Category: Student Blogs

hicks.jpgHas there ever been a moment where it seems like a lot of different things are hitting you at once and just when you feel like you've finally got everything under control, all of a sudden something drops and you find yourself under water?

That happened to me this week. I know I usually start my blog posts with some incredibly witty comment that makes everyone die laughing, but I'm keeping it mild for you all, giving you a little break. I finished my mission as assistant stage manager for the brilliant musical Once On This Island and am now taking on the brilliance that is Props Master (properties mistress if we want to be specific with the gender) for our wonderful upcoming show, The Crucible.

I'm not going to lie to you all this job has been quite a difficult challenge that has made me want to rip my hair out or punch my pillow to the point of feathers flying everywhere like you see in the movies sometimes, but with the help of my team and friends I finally   started to feel the stress decrease and the organization increase... then I got a call about one of my family members in the hospital who isn't getting better and I felt myself sinking and not being able to pull myself out. I had love surrounding me from my family and friends, but I still found myself not being able to breathe and process anything. A friend then said to me "I think you need to just take a day..."

I thought that meant staying in my room watching sad movies while stuffing my face with every cookie and piece of popcorn under the sun, but it meant something much more. I'm getting deep on ya here folks, but bare with me. I took my car and just left for the day. Got on the highway, turned on the radio, rolled down the window and just let the road lead me to a different place. I didn't go too far, but far enough to separate myself from the stress and deadlines and everything. Sure I thought about my family and other things, but being by myself, not really contacting anyone and just taking a   day helped clear my head and make me realize that this was desperately needed. I sat down in Panera, took out a notebook and just started writing down how I was feeling. I wasn't writing for anyone in particular, just writing and I felt my emotions start to pour out on this little piece of paper. I would like to share a sentence or two from my writing with you.

Do you lose hope when life kicks you down over and over? Is there a point to keep going if you know there will be times you will fall? Yes. You make sure you do what makes you happy, you live your life and take a day. Lose yourself in a bookstore filled with novels of romance, laughter, tears and stories galore. Lose yourself in art, finding the beauty in simple reds and blues mixed to create a bigger picture. Everything will be there when you get back, but for now just take a day.

I urge you all that when that time comes where you feel like everything is piling on you or you just find yourself not being able to breathe and can't seem to calm   down, simply take a day. You'll find some relaxation and peace, but you may also find a little discovery of yourself somewhere in there that you never knew you would find. As for me, this day was very much needed and I am ready to jump back into the life of a theatre major and don't worry, I'll keep you posted!

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