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Teaching Scholars Retreat: Scavenger Hunt #2

Posted by West Teaching Scholars

November 26, 2013

Category: Student Blogs

entry3_clip_image002.jpgThe Granary Building on Nutt Street used to house the Boney and Harper Milling Company. It was capable of producing 4000 bushels per day of hominy, grits, and cornmeal since 1912.

The Wood Seed Building housed a Chinese laundry in 1917. There was also a popular barber shop by the name of Winslow Merrick Barber Shop. The Bear Building was leveled in a 1974 fire that was followed by a hurricane. Bad luck, right? Now it is a two story building with a third story facade on Front Street. 

The Diligence was a Coast Guard ship that landed in Wilmington in 1792. There is also a memorial for the soldiers that died in war. The Battleship that sits in the harbor was commissioned in 1941 and was said to be scraped in 1958. James S. Craig suggested that the ship be brought to Wilmington to commemorate the soldiers that died in the war. The Battleship received 15 battle for heroic performance. The ship led to Wilmington becoming a major tourist attraction. 

Jordan Abbatiello, Joan Hedrick, Cheyenne Hicks, Sara Sellers, Lane Wagner:

entry3_clip_image006.jpg     entry3_clip_image008.jpg


entry3_clip_image014.jpg     entry3_clip_image016.jpg

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