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Teaching Scholars Teambuilding Retreat

Posted by 14-15 West Teaching Scholars

November 6, 2014

Category: Student Blogs

bloghands1.jpgFreshmen West Scholars went on a teambuilding retreat to Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach during part of fall break.  Scholars were led in several teambuilding exercises by Dr. Rhonda Truitt, Director of the Academy for Teaching and Dr. Karen Lucas, Assistant Director.   Students discussed the West Scholar Culture and chose a goal to work on throughout the retreat.  They will review this activity with Dr. Lucas in the spring as part of their EDUC 2000 Introduction to Teaching and Technology class.    

blogtower2.jpg blogstick2.jpg

Students also participated in an exercise where they were instructed to build the tallest free standing tower using a specific set of materials.  The towers also had to withstand wind!

The Helium Stick activity proved to be a challenge.  Students were instructed to lower the stick to the ground with all members of the group touching the stick with both index fingers.  Students quickly learned why it was called the helium stick as the stick, despite their best efforts, seemed to rise of its own accord!



 Students also participated in Trust Falls.





Lucas Safrit, one of the Freshmen West Scholars has an avid interest in trains and the history of the railroad.  At his suggestion, scholars visited the Wilmington Railroad Museum and were led on a tour by Lucas.  At the end of the tour, our scholars were as enthusiastic about trains as Lucas!

blograil4.jpg blograil3.jpg


blogschool.jpgSCHOOL VISIT

Since our scholars are prospective teachers, the retreat would not be complete without a visit to a local school.  Scholars visited Snipes Academy of Arts and Design, a K-5 magnet school in Wilmington.  Students were allowed to visit classrooms and afterwards met with the principal, Cindy Talbot, who gave an overview of the school and answered questions the scholars presented.  For many of our scholars, this was their first visit to a school in an “official” capacity. 



Scholars visited Masonboro Island with Captain Joe Abbate on an eco-cruise.  Students went shelling and were fortunate to see a baby sea turtle making its way to the ocean.  Captain Joe told the scholars that in his 20 years of coming to the island, he had never seen this making the turtle’s sighting a unique experience indeed! 

blogeco4.jpg blogeco1.jpg 

Students learned about the history of the island and how it became a sanctuary. 

A species of sea snails cling to the grasses on the island.        



 Beautiful flowers grow wild on the island.



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