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Thanks for the Experience

Posted by LaTia Bostick '14

December 12, 2013

Category: Student Blogs

This was supposed to be more of a reflection  on myself and how I improved as a writer this fall semester because of my writing internship in the Public Relations Office at Catawba College, however, I would love to turn this into more of a "thank you." I want to thank the entire Catawba College community for assisting me in improving as a writer and also for taking the time out of their busy schedules to work with me and help me in my journey toward becoming a stronger writer.

This past semester, I had the luxury of working with some great people. Even though the semester was a very tough and busy one, it meant so much to me knowing that people were still very kind-hearted about working with me. I had the chance to meet some very interesting students and find out incredible information about them all through my interviews with them.  For the students I already knew and interviewed, I gained new insights into them through our conversations and these provided me with great details that I included in my stories. Thank you all so much for helping me with my stories and for helping me to improve as a writer.

A special thanks goes to my internship supervisor, Mrs. Tonia Black-Gold.  She carved out time for me in her busy schedule, helped me improve as a writer, and taught me about being a stronger person when so many overwhelming things come over you at once.  She had faith in me and believed in me and for that, I truly do thank her.

To those who helped me create my stories, I thank you for making time for me. I wish all of the students good luck on their exams and a safe and restful holiday break from their classwork.


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