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Top 5 College Essentials for New Students.

A Catawba College Blog

Posted by Catawba College Staff

August 5, 2019

Category: Staff Blogs

5. A Quality Pair of Headphones

headphones.pngA good set of headphones can be the difference between quality study time and hours of agitation as the person next to you in the library suddenly decides they want to inadvertently rupture your eardrums while crunching on their chips. Being able to block out distractions is essential when studying for big tests and finals and can really help increase your focus. Also, they can help you listen to your favorite tracks, getting you in the zone and just improving your mood overall. Music can make the difference between a bad day and a good day, so a quality pair of headphones is a must-have.

4. Storage Bins

bins.pngFor those living on campus, chances are your room will be a little more… compact than what you’re used to. This is where storage bins, especially stackable ones, can make all the difference in being able to fit your stuff and still have room to breathe. You still want to make your room feel like home, so you need room to make it yours. With the storage bins, you can neatly tuck away all the stuff that doesn’t need to be on display and keep your room clean, all at the same time. Keeping your room organized will help save you time and headaches in the future.

3. A Durable Backpack

backpack.pngChances are, you’ll have a couple of textbooks to lug around each semester, and a good backpack can help prevent shoulder pain and back trouble down the road. Not to mention a backpack that resists tearing can ensure all your papers, notebooks, and electronics make it to each class safely. Getting one with a drink holder can also be handy so you stay hydrated during the day or have a place for coffee during the late-night study sessions. You’ll want something to depend on, and a backpack has always got your back!

2. A Reliable Laptop

co-stucomp.pngAs education shifts to take on a more digital focus, a reliable laptop is a must. While you can use the computers in the library to get work done, a laptop makes it incredibly convenient to tackle your assignments. Being able to take your work from your room, to the student center, to the dining hall, to class, or just anywhere can really help get the finishing touches on an assignment or allow for a nice change of scenery. However, you want to make sure your laptop is reliable. Nothing’s worse than finishing your 10-page paper and having your computer suddenly crash, so make sure your computer can handle the new challenges college may present to it.

1. A Good Attitude

co-stu19a.pngLastly, a good attitude is a must-have for any college student. College is an experience that most people only get once, so it’s up to you to make the most of it. Going into each day, each class, each weekend, and every moment with a positive outlook can make your time immensely more enjoyable and ensure you get the most out of your college career. It’s all about the perspective you put on things, so make sure you create the best college experience possible while at Catawba!

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