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The Unlikely Benevolent Nonconformist And An Exploration Of Character

Posted by Krissey Browder '20 (Theatre Arts Major)

July 14, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

Grinch.jpgHow the "Villain" may actually be the "Hero".

Character can be a difficult aspect to pin down when first meeting someone. Rather than simply labeling upon first impression, one must uncover the true character of an individual, much like peeling the endless sea of petals off of a beautiful rose. True character is delicate, personal and often ambiguous. So how does one judge the character of another? In attempting to find this answer for myself, I continuously returned to one specific, literary grouch...

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KrisseyBrowder.jpgKrissey Browder '20 is a Theatre Arts Major at Catawba College.

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