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You Fall for the Impossible

Posted by Leanna Hicks '16

May 17, 2013

Category: Student Blogs

hicks.jpgWow ... where did this year go? It blows my mind that I am already finished with my first year of college. It literally feels like just yesterday when I walked into an empty dorm room and had to decide where the TV was going to go ... priorities people.

I think back too on how much I feel like I've grown throughout this year. After taking a gap year I was coming into a completely different world with no one I knew, I was truly on my own. Little did I know that I would be in the company of some incredible people. Professors who took me in and believed in me when I didn't think anyone else did and friends who took me in and made me a part of their family.

The relationships I have built this year alone have made this the best year of my life... but let's not forget my one true love, the theatre. I have to ask you all, what is your dream? I understand you can't really respond but that's just something to think about. What makes you get up in the morning? Is there something in your life that simply thinking of it     not being there makes you cringe or immediately feel an overwhelming sadness that you just can't shake? Earlier this year, I had a moment where I found myself sitting in the balcony of Keppel Theater just sitting in a chair and looking at the empty stage. Most people looking at it would probably think that I was crazy just sitting staring at empty space and air, but there was a deeper meaning. I was looking at my dream; I was seeing the possibilities in my life unfold on that stage as if I were watching a show. It was so surreal thinking of all the opportunities I had already been given and the endless possibilities that were coming my way. My dream had grown ten times bigger making me filled with an overflowing sense of joy.

entry9_clip_image002.jpgI know this is sounding a little cheesy but I found inspiration writing a paper for a class... I know, what the heck? But it's true. This semester has had its ups and downs, but in the long run I feel I have grown as an even stronger individual and even more determined to make     my dream a reality. It seems that nowadays there are very few things in this world that make us truly happy or we know what makes us happy, but we think it's not possible to achieve or that its "irresponsible", it's "unrealistic." I hate that word. I've heard that word all my life and I always heard it when I would explain my dream to someone making me feel like a fool. Little do all of those who said my dream is "unrealistic" have not only fueled my fire and passion for what I want, but they will eat their words for breakfast, lunch, dinner and have a little leftovers for the next day.

Just recently someone told me I "fall for the impossible" and they're right. I fall for what the "realistic" people think is impossible, but for the people like me who actually strive to reach for the impossible we all know that we have that drive and passion that will make it possible. Being here at this school, I'm already proving all of them wrong. I'm the first to ever come to college in my family and this is just   the beginning of what I am capable of achieving.

I encourage you all to sit down somewhere, be still and take a long look at what your dream is, possible or impossible, realistic or unrealistic. I recommend the Keppel balcony, but that's just me. I am so excited to go home and take what I've learned back with me and come back in the fall ready to make that next step closer to my dream and don't worry I'll keep you posted!

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