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The Road to Success: feat. Thomas O’Keefe

March 27, 2017

Category: Staff Blogs

By Natalie Thompson, Coordinator of Operations & Student Engagement for Segue 61 *This blog is about The lecture on “success” that Thomas gave us in our Music Success Seminar* These past few weeks at Segue 61, we’ve been taking a Music Success Seminar where we talk about what it means to be…


March 8, 2017

Category: Faculty Blogs

Over winter break, I boarded a plane from Charlotte to Panama where my son, Eli [Wittum, a Catawba alumnus from the Class of 2015] now lives in a remote village in the rain forest. I'd always dreamed of spending time in the tropics, but I had not expected to ever actually make it. Going to Panama…

Internship in Cambodia (Week 6)

January 17, 2017

Category: Student Blogs

My final week! While I was sick I was pretty ready to be going home, but now that I am well again and can actually leave the house I am back in the spirit that there is so much to do and see. I think it is good to leave on a good note though and I got to do a lot this last week. I visited the Toel…

Internship in Cambodia (Week 5)

January 17, 2017

Category: Student Blogs

Hello again, I finally got to go on the city tour! I see why everyone said I had to do it; it was a full day seeing a lot of sites that would have been difficult to manage on my own. We started off visiting the Olympic stadium. Here is the track but they also have a pool. Both are pretty much just…

Internship in Cambodia (Week 4)

January 10, 2017

Category: Student Blogs

Happy New Year!! Unfortunately, this week was less eventful because I spent three days sick. I started feeling bad Sunday night, but I thought I was just dehydrated from climbing the temples all afternoon and I felt a bit better after napping. By Monday morning I still wasn’t feeling right though.…