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Why I Love Catawba College

September 19, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

Fair Catawba, my Catawba. I've decided which friends I want to keep around, what to order at Olive Garden or what I want for Christmas for years. But when it comes down to it, as an almost-18 year old, I haven't made many huge life decisions. I'm talking the really big ones. And the biggest one yet…

There's No Sweet Tea Here (Fall Study in England)

September 14, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

Catawba College Theatre Arts major Anna Kate Hall '18 has the amazing opportunity to spend the Fall 2016 semester of her junior year in London, England. She will be blogging about her experiences, documenting her classes, performances, and experiences while she is studying abroad. Read Blog

Organic Chemistry Internship

September 12, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

This summer, I was invited back to Duke to be a TA for Organic Chemistry. While there, I was able to shadow doctors in different wards of the hospital on a weekly basis. All of the students present were disadvantaged premedical students from different universities around the country. It was such a…

Incredible Passion And Where To Find It

September 1, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

Passion does not always come at a perfectly timed age when one expects a life choice to emerge. As I unwind from my freshman retreat at Catawba College, I find myself contemplating a common theme for many upcoming college freshmen as the summer draws to a close—my future. Luckily, my…

Love Letter to Catawba College

August 1, 2016

Category: Student Blogs

Here's to all that you've already taught me before classes have even begun and the many lessons that are to come. Fair Catawba (my Catawba), While our relationship has only just begun, I am exhilarated to begin this new chapter with you. As with all good relationships, honesty is key here, so…