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Bugfest 2019

October 8, 2019

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Students in Dr. Rudolph’s First-Year Seminar class took a trip to Raleigh on September 21 in order to visit the annual BugFest. The FYS class is themed around humans’ complex relationships with animals, so Raleigh’s BugFest was a natural fit for exploring how we interact with the animals that many of us fear – insects and spiders. 

The festival, hosted by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, is all about arthropods, with activities ranging from fun hands-on projects, such as crafting insect gear or petting a tarantula, to informative exhibits about the worlds of bugs. Students commented that they enjoyed “getting to look at and learn about the insects [they] don't see every day.” The Café Insecta, which features buggy dishes by local chefs, is probably one of the most popular festival destinations. Even though we had some brave volunteers in our group, lines were unfortunately so long that we were not able to sample any fried insects – maybe next year!

Photos courtesy of The Psychology Department