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Kagan Professional Development Workshop

February 16, 2017

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The Academy for Teaching hosted a two day Dr. Spencer Kagan Professional Development Workshop on February 2-3, 2017 for all West Scholars and Teacher Education students and faculty.  The workshop “Accelerating Achievement” was designed by Dr. Kagan after years of experimentation and field-testing. Students were shown simple instructional strategies to increase the achievement of all learners no matter what subject they plan to teach. 

Over the two day workshop students were given strategies to:

  • Boost test scores with an approach that is backed by scientific studies and loved by teachers
  • Experience easy-to-implement, research-based cooperative instructional strategies
  • Accelerate content knowledge with structures for mastery and retention
  • Watch all students excel, especially lower achievers
  • Engage all students with strategies that encourage participation by each student
  • Give every student a circle of peer encouragement, support, and tutoring
  • Master new structures designed to address the five dimensions of accelerating achievement