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ALUMNA BLOG: On Assignment in Indonesia - Aerobics ... Nuff Said

April 23, 2010

Category: Alumni, Politics


Aerobics ... Nuff Said
by Lauren Ebersole '07 ;

I would like to start this e-mail with a little story about differences in perception. This past Monday, my cluster taught at a different school, one in Batu rather than Malang. We were told the first class would start at 7 a.m. Unfortunately, we were not told there was a ceremony at 7 and that class would not actually start until 7:45, but that is not the important part of the story. We were sitting in the principal's office when a student was carried to the health room on a stretcher. About a minute later another student went by on a stretcher, then another, and another. We are sitting watching this happen, hoping it was just a first aid class. After the 6th student we did some investigating to find out that the students had passed out from the cold. Yes, you read that correctly — the cold!! Now granted it was a bit cooler that morning, but I'm talking 78 instead of 85 degrees. Read more...


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