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ALUMNA BLOG: On Assignment in Indonesia - Minta Maaf

June 7, 2010

Category: Alumni, Politics


Minta Maaf
by Lauren Ebersole '07 ;

I am sorry for the huge lapse in emails to those who wait on baited breath and I'm also sorry to those of you who may not actually care to read them but feel obligated because I'm sending them from Indonesia. Here are some highlights from the past weeks in Malang, although I am no longer in Malang ... I'll get to that later.

Indonesians know how to party-especially when it comes to a circumcision. Here boys are circumcised at age 10 or so and a huge, often multi-day party occurs. Sarah and I attended one of these gatherings for a relative of some sort and we stood in the receiving line for 2 1/2 hours shaking hands. The next day, all five volunteers went back to the party and were forced on stage where we had to dance. O.K. some were forced; I may have gone willingly. Read more...


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