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ALUMNA BLOG: On Assignment in Indonesia - Puasa

August 18, 2010

Category: Alumni, Politics


by Lauren Ebersole '07 ;

Happy Fasting, although I'm pretty sure none of you are fasting. Ramadhan has started and I am giving fasting a try. Many of you are probably thinking how is Lauren going that many hours a day without food. It is not without difficulty. Thoughts of ice cream often pop into my head. Actually not drinking anything is more difficult than not eating. Note: I did not feel so great on Day 2 of fasting, but Day 3 went much better. On the school front things are still progressing slowly. The students are becoming more comfortable with me and do not only giggle when I approach them. Right now my focus is to not bore my students to death, but hopefully make learning English a little fun. Planning is difficult because number one I don't really know how to make lesson plans and number two I often don't know what happened in the previous class. Each class has English twice a week, but I am only in each class once a week. I also co-teach with all five of the English teachers at my school. I struggle with creating some kind of continuity in lessons. I'm trying to be lenient with myself; at this point I'm sure I am my harshest critic. I'm still trying to figure out how to be the most effective for the most number of people... Read more...


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