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ALUMNA BLOG: On Assisgnment in Indonesia - Safe and Sound

October 29, 2010

Category: Alumni, Politics


Safe and Sound
by Lauren Ebersole '07 ;

So far I have been nowhere near any of the natural disasters that seem to strike Indonesia every few days. The latest earthquake and ensuing tsunami were on a different island and the volcano that is erupting is in Central Java. I apologize for the large lapse in emails and consequently probably a pretty low point in your life.

Evidently my body is returning to its pre-Ramadan form as one of the teachers from school so lovingly told me I was fat again. In Indonesia being called fat isn't necessarily a bad thing, it means you are happy, but my American female body-image conscious sensibilities don't exactly take it the same way. On the school front, things have been going pretty well, at least from the standpoint that I think my lessons are improving.

I'm still working on the team part of "team-teaching." I did have a really great moment with a student that I want to share. Prepare to be inspired. Read more...


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