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Alumnus and Democratic Candidate Adam Tomer Comments as Southside Delegate Campaign Heats Up

October 11, 2007

Category: Alumni, Politics

by Shelley Basinger, (10/9/07)  

Danville, VA - The countdown to local Election Day is here.   We have 29 more days of fliers, TV ads and campaignEvents, as politicians fight for your vote.   But on the Southside, the race for the 14th District isn't just a fight to win at the polls, it's turning into a war of words.

Wendy Barnes - "The negative junk in the mail, it's junk mail."

Betty Barber - "The last three days I bet you I've gotten five."

Stacks of fliers with a lot of harsh words.   But is it negative campaigning?   We asked candidates Adam Tomer and Danny Marshall for a definition.

Adam Tomer, Democratic Candidate - "What I consider negative is when you get into personal attacks, when you attack a personal basis."

Delegate Danny Marshall, Republican Candidate - "To me, negative is just making up information that is just completely from out of left field."

That's why Marshall recently took his campaign from paper to the small screen to correct what he calls misleading information.

Marshall - "It disturbs me when things like this happen when people just make out and out falsehoods and when they don't have anything to run on so they just make up things."

For example one ad blames Marshall for not fixing social security.   Marshall says it's a federal issue, out of his realm.   Another ad discusses minimum wage.   Tomer says his claims are based on Marshall's past decisions. Read Full Story »




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