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"Beauty and the Geek" Dance-a-Thon

February 27, 2008

Category: Events, Students

Help the first-year class raise money for a great cause! The Class of 2011 presents a dance-a-thon fundraiser to benefit Partners in Health.

Mountains beyond MountainsOur first-year students have decided to raise money for Partners in Health, the organization founded by Paul Farmer, the person featured in the common College reading Mountains Beyond Mountains. The students have been influenced greatly by the causes of Partners in Health, an organization which is focused on fighting rampant infectious diseases in 3rd-world countries. Through their reading in Orientation, BookRevue, and their coverage of the book in their FYS II course, they have come to see how the interaction of politics, social systems, economics, and culture affect the prevalence and treatment of infectious diseases. They have decided that they can make a difference — and that you can help.

The class of 2011 has planned a fundraiser to present to Mr. Edward Cardoza, Vice-President of Development at Partners in Health, a donation for his organization when he speaks in March. The idea for this charitable event came solely from the members of the class and its officers, and they want us to help make this fundraiser one that shows Partners in Health the spirit and ethos of the Catawba community.


Fundraising DANCE-A-THON
Friday, March 14, 7pm to 1am
(Midnight to 1 am is the 'power hour')
Hourly dance contests with prizes

Who can participate?  Any staff, student, or faculty member is encouraged to come out and dance the night away!  You can come dressed up as a "beauty" or as a "geek" or you can come as you are. Entrance fee is a $3 donation, which allows you to dance (or just watch the dancing), be entered in the hourly prize and dance contests (at least 10 gift certificates will be given away), eat, and enjoy the music of DJ Brandon Coble, who is donating half of his earnings. There will be pre-registration in the Student Center leading up to Friday the 14th, OR you may just come and pay to get in at the dance that evening.

The dancers will be collecting donations to "sponsor" their dance participation; the dancer who collects the most money in sponsored donations (see below) will win a $50 cash prize.

During the 'power hour' from midnight to 1 am, an extra $1 donation allows dancers to be entered into the judging for best costumes; the geek and beauty winners each receive a gift basket (of either "geek" or "beauty" supplies and gift certificates donated by local merchants) worth at least $50. "Catawba Celebrity" judges will include a coach, a faculty member, and a staff member.

How YOU can help:  If you don’t want to put on your boogie shoes, you can sponsor a student (or two, or ten) by donating $5 to the dancer (student discount to sponsor a fellow student is $4). If dancers get a donation, they will give you a ticket indicating your sponsorship; they will even accept checks (make them out to "Catawba College"). You can come watch the dancing or jump-n-jive yourself. Whatever you do, be sure to be present at noon on March 18 in Keppel Auditorium when the Class of 2011 presents Edward Cardoza with the check for Partners in Health. Let's show Partners in Health just how much Catawba cares, and just how committed our students can be to helping others.

On behalf of the Class of 2011,

Lucy Scott, President
Sheila Brownlow, Class Advisor




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