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Bitzer on Concerns for the Current Economic Climate

August 13, 2012

Category: Faculty, Politics

BitzerCatawba College professor of politics and political expert Dr. J. Michael Bitzer was recently featured by News14 Carolina commenting on concern for the current economic climate.

"Gridlock is going to be with us because they're not going to have 60 votes in the Senate," said Bitzer. "Things are going to continue to come to a standstill and that's only going to create more uncertainty for the business community."

Bitzer said that gridlock is a fact of life in this highly polarized society.

"When it's a 50-50 split, it's going to be that kind of polarization and this is something I think we're going to be stuck with for some time."

Read the full story below:


FULL STORY:  Economists Express Their Concern for Current Economic Climate  (


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