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Bitzer: How the Candidates Did

April 19, 2012

Category: Faculty, Politics



Dr. J. Michael Bitzer, professor of politics and political expert at Catawba College, was one of four area political analysts to share their reactions to Wednesday's gubernatorial debate.

"Having survived the 20-plus slugfests (aka debates) among the Republican presidential candidates, I had high hopes for tonight's final debate," Bitzer said. "Monday's seemed like the candidates were circling each other in the ring, sizing each other up for the next round. Then Tuesday's debate came, and they started to throw some punches – nothing too devastating, but enough to show they were spoiling for a fight. So with the third night in a row, maybe we could have seen the gloves come off and go for the political version of Ultimate Fighter?

"Alas, the candidates went back to their respective corners and played it safe. None of the three threw in the towel, but no one went for the thrill of the kill either. Maybe the threat of a mid-summer run-off will heat things up over the next few weeks?"


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