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BLOG: Women's Soccer Team in Great Britain - Ireland

September 3, 2008

Category: Athletics, English, Students

NicholsDay 8
by Lainey Nichols '09


Ireland is a blur. Last night,   we arrived in Cork — the cleanest airport in both hemispheres. Thank goodness for hygiene and soapy smells, because a few of us were behind a real, live hurling team from Ireland just prior to boarding the plane ... and all that entails. It is not my intent to be hypercritical or judgemental, but these hurlers seemed so stereotypically meat-headed that they should have had their own Saturday Night Live skit — oh wait, that's been done by Mike Myers and his sketch on head-butting hooligans. These jocular jocks were each outgoing, toothless (with the exception of one thick-necked looker and fake-baker ... Irish boys aren't tan), and would have been thoroughly enjoyable to talk to had they not expelled flatulence, thus thwarting our initial ambition to make fun conversation. Hurling must be hard-core.    Read more...



BLOG:  Women's Soccer Team  in Great Britain  


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