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BLOG: Women's Soccer Team in Great Britain - The Rest of Day 1 and Day 2

August 12, 2008

Category: Athletics, English, Students

The Rest of Day 1 and Day 2
by Lainey Nichols '09



Haggared and punchy, we entered into a lunch-time London where bankers move like ants and few smile. We were completely conspicuous, perhaps slightly obnoxious (we are just a loud group — no stopping us), but not rude.


We followed Coach into a tunnel-like shopping mall and were forced to merge into a stream of oncoming charcoal suits with pink and blue ties. It was terrifying. Haha.


Temmate Alexa Baird (or "Red" as Catawba football coaches call her) and I sat down at a place called Eat to stop and admire the sharp, tailored fashions of London. Both of us, usually bubbling with enthusiasm, were speechless. Well, perhaps out of hunger, haha, but speechless is a hard state to achieve when it comes to the two of us. Read more...



BLOG:  Women's Soccer Team  in Great Britain  



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