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Campus Construction is "On Schedule"

March 19, 2007

Category: Alumni, Staff


Construction Progress
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"On schedule!" is how Catawba College Facilities Director Henry Haywood describes progress on the five new residence halls now under construction on campus. Haywood well knows that "on schedule" is an absolute necessity if upper-class students are to occupy these halls beginning in August.

All five are under roof and brickwork has been applied to all. On the two facing Summit Avenue and located behind the Abernethy Physical Education Center (Haywood refers to these two as the B-buildings), brickwork should be completed very soon. Electrical and plumbing rough-ins, as well as HVAC are completed in the two B-buildings and will follow very shortly in the three halls located in the former footprint of the now demolished Abernethy Residence Hall.

"All of these new residence halls will be sprinkled and with them coming online, we will have six residence halls on campus, including the retrofitted Pine Knot, which are sprinkled," Haywood notes with pride. 

Sheetrock work in the halls began in late March and furnishings for them have been ordered. The facilities team is in the process of ordering appliances for the halls now.

In early April, power will be shut down on that portion of campus in order for the new transformers and underground high voltage cable to be installed for the new residence halls. "That will be just be a one-day process," he explains.


Construction Progress
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Summit Development of Salisbury, serving as general contractor for the project, receives high praise from Haywood. "Summit's doing a very fine job. We've been pleased with their work, and they have been very willing to do whatever is requested of them.

"We've have positive feedback from people who are very impressed with the looks of the buildings and our students are excited."  

In Catawba's Student Affairs Office, they are accepting housing requests for the new residence halls from upper-class students. College officials have decided not to charge a price differential for living in these halls, but rather to limit access to them to upper-class students.


Plans for Academic CenterCorriher-Linn-Black Library
Environmental abatement in the now unoccupied Corriher-Linn-Black Library should be completed in late March. New stud walls have been installed on the library's first floor with sheetrock to follow in the next few weeks.

Haywood says the library renovation is also "on schedule" with staff and collections scheduled to move back into the facility over Christmas holidays of the '07-'08 academic year. This past December, while the College was closed for the holidays, the staff and resources of the Corriher-Linn-Black Library were temporarily relocated to the second floor of Hoke Hall. New computer and phone drops, along with enhanced electrical work, were completed prior to that move.

Four mobile units were brought onto campus to house library collections due to weight of the library stacks and the fact that the existing floors in Hoke were not adequate to support that weight load.

The Salisbury architectural firm of Ramsey, Burgin and Smith Architects, Inc. has oversight for the library renovations which will capitalize on existing tall ceilings, large windows and spacious public spaces.

When the renovation is completed, almost 80 percent of the library's collections will be housed in high-density or compact shelving to capitalize on the building's limited square footage. Additional features will include an information commons, more attractive seating, plenty of computers, a library instruction lab, a reading area, collaborative learning spaces, and a coffee and drink kiosk.

New Student Center
The Cannon Student Center
A renovation of the existing building and a 7,000 square foot addition are on the horizon for the Cannon Student Center.

Haywood says administrators are working closely with the Winston-Salem architect Larry Robb and the project manager, Knoxville, Tennessee-based Lawler Woods, to incorporate the needs and desires of students, and Student Affairs programming needs into finalized plans.

The main level of the building will be renovated space and will come off-line in mid-May so renovations can begin. A popular meeting space on campus, the Hurley Room, will be off-line through the renovation and construction of the new addition because it is being relocated in the new addition and will overlook the Shuford Stadium and the Hurley Press Box.

The renovation will include reconfiguration of office space for Student Affairs, including counseling, testing and student government space on the south end of the Cannon Student Center. The Leonard Lounge in the center of the building will be renovated, while the bookstore will also be expanded and renovated.

In the new addition, there will be space for the new campus post office (which will be temporarily relocated to a mobile unit during construction), a fitness center to include an aerobics space, the Hurley Room, an executive dining area, and a small kitchenette. The addition will come off the west side of the building. 

Catawba's food service provider, Chartwells, a division of Compass, Inc., has a food service architect or space designer working with Larry Robb, the architect for the student center, Haywood explains, to come up with a new design and layout for McCorkles', the snack bar on the main level, and to reconfigure the layout in the dining hall on the lower level of the building.

Haywood anticipates the work on the addition to begin in mid-summer and be completed less than a year later.



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