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Catawba College Chemistry Students Present Research Findings

March 15, 2007

Category: Chemistry, Students

Chemistry students at Catawba College, working in conjunction with Dr. Mark Sabo, chair of the chemistry department, have completed research and presented their findings at various conferences. Four of the five research presentations were made at national conferences, while one was made at a state conference.

Three of the five research presentations are a result of Sabo's work at the FBI Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit last summer and during spring break this year.

These chemistry presentations are as follows:

  • 59th Annual Meeting of The American Academy of Forensic Sciences, San Antonio, TX (February 2007).
    Brian Eckenrode, PhD; Mark Sabo, PhD; Lauren Abendshein, BS; Edward G. Bartick, PhD*; Jarrad Wagner, PhD; Kelly Mount, MS, "Evaluation of a Hand-Held Raman Instrument for Identification of Hazardous Substances"

  • The 58th Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Spectroscopy and Applied Spectroscopy; Chicago, IL (February 2007).
    Senior Kimberly Chapman of Faith, N.C., senior Hannah Burleson of China Grove, N.C., and Mark Sabo, "Identification of the Volatile Organic Compounds Present in Decaying Pig Organs Using SPME-GC/MS".

    Senior Hannah Burleson of China Grove, N.C., "FT-ICR MS Analysis of Sialylated Glycopeptides Using Zirconium and Titanium Dioxide Enrichment"

  • 42nd Biennial National Gamma Sigma Epsilon Convention (March 2007) Lakeland, FL.
    Senior Christopher S. Junker of Salisbury, N.C., Casey M. O'Brien, Charles B. Duke III, and Theodore J. Burkey, "Synthesis of Photochromic Organometallic Cyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyls"

  • 2007 North Carolina Academy of Science Annual Meeting, Greenville, NC (March 2007).
    Senior Brandie Shick of Henryville, Pa., senior Kimberly Chapman of Faith, N.C., and Mark Sabo "A Novel Laboratory Experiment for the Analysis of Accelerants from Arson Cases using SPME/GC/MS". 

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