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Catawba College Political Science Professor Discusses Obama's First 100 Days

January 23, 2009

Category: Events, Faculty, Politics

Dr. Michael Bitzer

Source: "Charlotte Blogs" website (from Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins)

Dr. Michael Bitzer, Associate Professor of History & Politics at Catawba College was a guest speaker on a panel discussion that took place Wednesday, January 21. The group met to discuss the first 100 days that President Barack Obama will have in office. 

As described on the "Charlotte Blogs" website (from Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins), the discussion follows the end of a historic election and memorable inauguration that marks the time when the Obama administration must get to work. The blog also stated that with a massive to-do list ahead, one of the topics  to look at is how President Obama will choose which major issues to tackle first given what he has inherited as President. The panel of experts discussed how the President will spend his first 100 days. 

Listen to Show on


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