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Catawba College Psychology Faculty and Students Attend SEPA Annual Meeting

February 28, 2017

Category: Academics, Events, Psychology, Students

seal-embossed.pngThree faculty of the Department of Psychology and 13 students will travel to the annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association in Atlanta, Ga., March 8-11.

All three faculty (Dr. Erin Wood, Dr. Amy Holmes, and Dr. Sheila Brownlow) served on the Program Committee; two (Holmes, Brownlow) are chairing sessions.

Wood and Holmes are presenters at a symposium titled "Keeping Students' Interest: Class Activities for Undergraduate Psychology Courses."

Several students worked with faculty on research and nine students will present seven research studies, including:

"How Social Status Influences "Affect Language" in Tweets" by Jennifer C. Beach, Sheila Brownlow, and Dr. N. Clayton Silver of the University of Las Vegas, Las Vegas NV;

"How space constraints influence physiological and psychological processes" by Hope J. Woods, Joshua A. Edwards, Breki Bjarnason, and Sheila Brownlow;

"Do color primes influence gender-typed behavior?" by Shannon Wright, Jenna Thompson, & Sheila Brownlow;

The following papers were sponsored by Dr. Brownlow and are being presented in a session for undergraduate researchers:

"Effects of Glucose in Chewing Gum on Memory Performance." Joshua Edwards and Sheila Brownlow;

"Cross-cultural patterns in liking of names and name letters."  Taylor King, Gudny Jonsdottir, and Sheila Brownlow;

"Perceptions of infant temperament and behavior as a function of attractiveness and sex-typed expectations."  Isabel Vasquez and Sheila Brownlow;

"Effects of background color presentation and word emotionality on recall of text" Shannon Wright and Sheila Brownlow;

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