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Catawba College Slides into Fall with “Women in Congress”

September 24, 2019

Category: Academics, Events, Students, Theatre Arts

womenincongress19.pngby Nilya Holcomb '22
Photos by Krissey Browder

It’s a raunchy, raucous, racy good time to come take your seat in our little government system that we call the theatre at Catawba College this October! Need a good time this fall? Come step into our office filled with great comedic timing and plenty of satire with Aristophanes’ Women in Congress.

Women in Congress will run Oct. 2-5 at 7:30 p.m. in Hedrick Little Theatre at the Robertson College-Community Center. Tickets are free for Catawba students, faculty, and staff, $15 for adults, and $10 for non-Catawba students and senior adults. Tickets are available online at or via phone (704)637-4481.

Dr. Bradley Stephenson directs this one-of-a-kind, sexually charged, political piece that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

co-womencongress3.pngPraxagora, the leader of the women of Athens, is a woman on a mission, getting women to dress as men and take over the government run by men to create a new order. When Praxagora is elected the Chief Executrix, it creates a great female role reversal as women dominate this world run by misogyny.

“Women in Congress is a 2400-year-old satire about politics and civil corruption,” says Stephenson. “But it takes its point, using as many genital jokes as possible. It’s a raunchy, raucous party that proves the Ancient Greeks loved a good poop pun and plenty of alliteration. Don’t we all?”

Student Choreographer and Sound Designer Kelly Sandoval says, “Incorporating choreography into Women in Congress is about having fun and adding energy to an already over-the top-script. This show is about giving the audience a chance to relax, laugh, and let loose.”WIC-TristynRawlinsAbigailSkibsted.jpg

The cast includes: Tristyn Rawlins as Woman, Michelle Medina as Woman, Elizabeth Ruiz as Woman, Abigail Skibstead as Woman, Michaela Jimson as Woman, Destiny Wolfe as Chorus Leader 1, Alicen Cashwell as Serving Maid, Grace Poore as Female Announcer, Anna Green as Hot Teenage Girl, Madisyn Rey as 1st Hag, Fatima Robinson as 2nd Hag, Rachel Makepeace as 3rd Hag, Madison Dolchan as Praxagora, Arris Baldwin as Women’s Chrous, Shykeim Mills as Epigenes, Wyatt Byrd as Chremes, Kyle Logan as Blepyros, and Isaac Haney as Neighbor and Dissenter.

The creative team, in addition to Stephenson and Sandoval includes: David Pulliam as Set Design, Christopher Zink as Lighting Designer, Colleen Welday as Stage Manager, and Claire Raimist as Assistant Stage Manager.

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Women of Congress contains sexual content and adult humor and is not advised for children.

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