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Catawba College Students Share Research at 2005 Interdisciplinary Research Symposium

April 21, 2005

Category: Academics, Events, Students

Catawba College students from all academic disciplines had an opportunity to showcase research they had conducted at an annual Interdisciplinary Research Symposium held April 19 in the Cannon Student Center on campus.

On-campus honor societies, including Psi Chi, the Psychology Club, Alpha Chi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Epsilon, Tri Beta, and the American Chemical Society Affiliate Chapter, organized the annual event.

Following is a list of presentations which were on display, along with the names of those students and faculty members who were involved in the research for these presentations:

Di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) causes abnormalities in the external genitalia of Drosophila melanogaster.   Senior Elizabeth Hewitt of Hickory.
Effects of food availability on heat-shock protein levels in Carolina Chickadees, Peocile carolinensis.   Senior Jennifer Pickler of Liberty.

Social dominance and heat shock proteins: Are they related? Senior Ashley Wilhelm of Cleveland.

An Exploration of the Mentoring Process: Outcomes and Recommendations.   Junior William Andrews of Smithfield.

Development and Validation of an HPLC Method for the Determination of Lidocaine in an Over-the-County Analgesic Gel.   Senior Hollie Bruce of Salisbury, Senior David Pinkston of Salisbury and Mark Sabo, Ph.D.

Mercury Concentration Analysis Using a Cold Vapor Method from the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.   Sophomore Hannah Burleson of China Grove and Sophomore Brandie Shick of Henryville, Pa.
Determination of Copper in Lipton Tea Using AAS.   Visiting Livingstone College Student Duvano Garnes of Salisbury and Senior Bethany Robbins of Clemmons.

HPLC Analysis of Polyethylene Additives in the Undergraduate Laboratory.   Senior J. Ross Hudgins of Charlotte and Mark Sabo, Ph.D.

Analysis of Lead in Paint Using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.   Sophomore Christopher Junker of Salisbury and Junior Michelle Haynes of Rockwell.

Comparing the Phantom Imaging Method with the Sensitometric method as a Means of Testing Quality Control in the Film Processor.   Senior Kendall Prescott of Exeter, N.H.

Trace metal analysis of soils from different sites in Salisbury, N.C. using ICP-AES. Senior David Pinkston of Salisbury and Mark Sabo, Ph.D.

Analysis of Copper in Purina Brand Dry Dog Food.   Junior Cole Weddington of Salisbury and Junior Tina Rummage of Albemarle.

“Let’s Think about This”: Students and Tutors Becoming Better Critical Things.   Junior Charlotte Moore of Alexandria, Va., Senior Nneka Campbell of Salisbury, and Aaron Butler, Ph.D.

Does Successional Stage Affect macro-Invertebrate Community Structure in Piedmont Forested Wetlands?   Senior Sean Bloom of Snellville, Ga.

From Rosie to June:   Propagandized Cultural Icons of the 1940s.   Senior Katharine Phelps of Prince Frederick, Md.

The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra.   Senior Brandi Berrier of Lexington.

Supply and Demand.   Junior Hannah Davis of Williamsburg, Va.

Modeling for the Spread of Diseases.   Junior Stacy Dunning of Lexington.

The Lotka-Volterra Predator-Prey Model.   Junior Stephani Garrett of Hagerstown, Md.

Game Theory.   Senior Rachel McCollum of Yadkinville.

Principles of Music Business as Applied to the Radio Broadcasting Industry.   Senior Jennie Brooks of Charlotte.

Will Highlighting Athletic Affiliation Influence the Performance of Men on Mental Rotation Tasks?   Junior Cathrine Balentine of Charlotte, Senior Sharyn Lyons of Spring Lake, Sheila Brownlow, Ph.D., and Senior Stephanie Valentine of Charlotte.

Who needs touch? Karen L. Horner, Ph.D., and Senior Alexander Lopez of Rockwell.

The Influence of Social and Economic Climate on Name Letter Matching in Spouses.   Senior Alexander Lopez of Rockwell, Senior Lauren Perry of Salisbury, Senior Mary Attea of Kenmore, N.Y., and Sheila Brownlow, Ph.D.

Does Negative Self-Referent Focus Influence Name Letter Matching.   Junior Jill Makransky of Penns Grove, N.J., Senior A. Brooks Gleason of Winston-Salem, Senior Mary Attea of Kenmore, N.Y., and Sheila Brownlow, Ph.D.

Effects of Computer Use on the Abilities of Older Adults.   Junior Steven Kruger of Romney, W. Va., Lyn Boulter, Ph.D., Junior Jill Makransky of Penns Grove, N.J.

Development of a Database and Computer Software to Collect Data from Computer Training Performed with Adults at Abundant Living Adult Day Care.   Senior Marcus Reddick of Salisbury, Senior Duran Lipscomb of Kannapolis, and Professor Pam Thompson.
D.C. Tobias Project.   Junior Janice Eberly of Ephrata, Pa. and Laurel Eason, Ph.D.

Lighting Design in the Theatre: From Drawing Board to Stage.   Senior Jason Evarts of Newington, Conn.

Who is the Technical Director and What Does He Do?   Senior Jason Evarts of Newington, Conn.

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