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Catawba College Welcomes the Future Generations of Theatre

October 23, 2019

Category: Academics, Events, Students, Theatre Arts

cropped-cfa-Inishmann_04.jpgby Michaela Jimson '22

Greetings, theatre aficionados! With the arrival of November comes the 2019 North Carolina Theatre Conference (NCTC). Beginning on the first of November, Catawba College will host 16 high schools for the two-day conference.

Affectionately called the "Super Bowl of Theatre," NCTC recognizes numerous high school theatre troupes from across North Carolina and encourages them to step out of their comfort zones. With a multitude of students presenting their passions, these projects are sure to do everything from tickle your funny bone to bring a tear to your eye.

While 16 high school shows in two days may sound excessive, these students have spent months preparing their 45-minute productions with hopes to charm the adjudicators and their peers. Like everything in life, this conference isn't just about the awards, but about the connections made. Students attending will be able to create both professional and personal deep-rooted connections, something that will further help their foray into the world of theatre. The adjudicators provide valuable feedback to the students, encouraging them to further mold their crafts into something wonderful. It's not just the actors that'll receive this benefit, but also crew members of both the stage and tech variety.

Still, awards can be a major motivator for success. The NCTC adjudicator panel rewards every aspect of theatre, from the sets to the directing to those on stage, a few of which are voted on by the students. Scholarships to the NCTC College Discovery Day are also given, helping students come one step closer to finding the collegiate theatre program of their dreams. With so many opportunities to make new friends, meet new people, and allowing high school students to get their foot in the door, NCTC is a wonderful experience. To all the students: Break a leg! Remember to have fun, and we hope to see you at Catawba College again soon!

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